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Our Partners

Company name: PT Multi Mayaka
Country: Indonesia
Client name: Anang Siswanto
We have been engaged in a cooperative business relationship with PT Multi Mayaka since 2010. After meeting at the Canton Fair, Mr. Anang and his team came to visit our factory. He placed an order with us after sampling our saw blades and was impressed by our industrial and professional quality blades for wood and aluminum cutting. PT Multi Mayaka has confidence in our products and services and we look forward to continue doing business with them.

Company name: Grupa Topex s. z o.o.
Country: Poland
Client name: Jacek Cudny
Grupa Topex is one of our long term cooperation partners. After testing the samples, visiting our factory, and negotiating with us, Grupa Topex was more than satisfied with our quality and service. They purchased wood cutting saw blades with rakers and normal industrial quality wood cutting saw blades. Thanks to their support, we were able to create an enlarged product range, increasing the quality of our wood cutting saw blades. Now we are a premium supplier of Grupa Topex.

Company name: Rajendra Tools Corporation
Country: India
Client name: Pramod
Rajendra Tools Corporation has been doing business with us since 2008.We receive their orders regularly. Now we are enlarging our product range, adding products such as larger diameter saw blades and thin tungsten carbide tipped saw blades.

Company name: Deema Building Materials
Country: UAE
Client name: Ali Hasan
Deema Building Materials is one of the major distributors of tools and building materials in the UAE. They have been purchasing our industrial aluminum cutting TCT saw blades since 2007.We design color box packages for them. Our saw blades sell well in Oman and the UAE.