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Foshan VYBA tools Co., has become one of leading suppliers of tungsten carbide tipped saw blades in industry for more than 12 years. VYBA TCT blades are extremely popular in China as well as Europe, South America, South East Asia, Russia and other places all around the world. Located near Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and the port in Foshan, we rely on this geographical advantage to quickly ship our products by sea and air in order to quickly fulfill orders.

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  • Krischner automatic teeth brazing line
  • Vollmer automatic teeth grinding line
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After years of hard work, VYBA has built up an R&D team to create the highest possible quality saw blades based on market demands. We focus on both efficiency and product quality by employing strict quality control measures for raw materials. Each batch of material from our trusted suppliers is carefully examined and tested to guarantee the strength and durability of our finalized saw accessories. In addition to our amazing product line, we also provide services to ensure that our customers get exactly the right blades that they need for their specific applications and that they are working up to their standards.

Developing History

VYBA is founded in 2003 as an aluminium cutting saw blade manufacturer. Since 2004, we have been producing both aluminum and wood cutting saw blades. We have 3 distributors in China.

In 2005, VYBA began to explore oversea markets and sell saw blades to the UAE, India, America, etc.

In 2007, VYBA expanded its tungsten carbide tipped saw production factory and moved to new site. We purchased additional automatic welding and sharpening machines, greatly increasing our annual output and quality level.

In 2008, VYBA met with PT Multi Mayaka, an Indonesian customer, at the Spring Canton Fair. We have worked together since 2008 and regularly receive and fill their orders.

From 2012 to 2014, we took part in the Canton Fair every year and pushed the export part of our business rapidly to South Asia, the Middle-East and Europe. Meanwhile, in 2011, 2013 and 2015 we attended VietnamWood in Ho Chi Minh to explore the Vietnamese market process. We currently have several Vietnamese customers.

We receive regular feedback from our international customers and we find that the information is overwhelmingly positive.


I. Receiving inquiry
After the receipt of an inquiry, we will examine your needs and recommend a proper saw blade. For example, we take into consideration the steel thickness, carbide tip size and number of teeth that you will need for your specific application. We can also prepare free samples for a trial test before placing an order.

II. Order
After the receipt of an order, we request a raw materials delivery. For each saw blade we perform stress tests and inspect the cutting blades for radial and vertical jumping. We pack cartons on pallets to protect the tools during transportation.

Our monthly output has reached up to 10,000 pcs. For normal sized blades, if the order quantity is below 1000pcs, the delivery time is usually around 7 days. For custom sizes and large orders (>10,000pcs), the delivery time can reach 30 days.

III. Shipment
We carefully sort our various orders in our factory before sending them to be shipped to our clients domestically and internationally.

IV. After-sales service
If necessary, we can adjust the saw teeth style and the bevel according to the feedback in order to improve cutting effect. We also provide quick responses to customer complaints and concerns.