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Bamboo Cutting TCT Saw Blade

The bamboo cutting TCT saw blade is produced with alternate top bevel teeth because of their high density. These carbide tipped teeth offer high accuracy cutting without wobble for low noise and smooth cutting applications. The steel body of the saw blade is hard to damage and the carbide tip is extremely hard. If the tip becomes dull after repeated use, you can re-sharpen it for extended use.

    1. TCT Saw Blade for Bamboo Cutting

      The TCT saw blade for bamboo cutting is a highly precise and durable cutting solution that is specially designed for this particular material. Bamboo must be cut with extremely sharp blades because it is a fibrous material that, if cut improperly can be messy unusable.

    1. TCT Thin Kerf Saw Blade for Bamboo Cutting

      The TCT thin kerf saw blade for bamboo cutting is an ideal cutting solution for making precise and clean cuts in bamboo products. Without the proper saw blade, bamboo can be damaged by cuts from saws that are not sharp enough.