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Wood Cutting TCT Saw Blade

Wood cutting TCT saw blades come in various models for cutting specific types of wood and shapes. As for tooth types, these cutting tools can be produced with ATB, TCG, left-right-left-right-flat and many other design configurations. Our wood cutting TCT saw blades have many advantages including, long lasting cutting performance, high accuracy, smooth edges and a durable carbide tip. If the carbide tip loses its sharpness, you only need to perform a quick re-sharpening for continued use, greatly extending the lifespan of these high quality wood cutting blades.

    1. TCT Saw Blade for Wood Trimming

      This TCT saw blade for wood trimming is intended for trimming applications on both soft and solid wood workpieces. Trimming requires high precision cutting as the cuts are smaller and require higher stability than bulk cuts.

    1. TCT Table Saw Blade

      The TCT table saw blade is a multifunctional cutting blade that can cut chipboards, MDF, laminated boards and bi-laminated boards thinner than 35mm. When cutting laminated boards, it is recommended that a scoring saw blade is also used.

    1. TCT Panel Sizing Saw Blade

      The TCT panel sizing saw blade can be used to cut single or multiple laminated chipboards, MDF panels and plywood boards. When cutting laminated boards, it is necessary to also use a scoring saw blade.